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Innovation and performance

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Values ​​and Philosophy

Over 20 years of experience in marine operations ...

Created by the founders of Nymphea Environnement, MARINE TECH develops the following activities:

- Exploration and production of submarine freshwater springs.
- Engineering and production of marine drones for oceanography.
- Marine pollution response.

MARINE TECH, responsiveness to environmental challenges for the future.

The size of the Company and its involvement in continuous process of quality management, research and development, enable Marine Tech to provide innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions in a very short time.

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Innovation Award : HELIO

Marine Tech has won the competition in 2017 Var Terre d'Innovation in the category "Water, Energy, Environment" supported by EDF, une Rivière un Territoire Durance Méditérranée.

This award recognizes the research and development HELIO: Innovative solution for producing drinking water from seawater using 100% renewable energy.


A HELIO farm is currently running in our facilities in Southern France. Do not hesitate to contact us to visit this farm.

See our video.

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Thierry CARLIN - Chairman- C.E.O

47, Marine engineer, historical founder of Nymphea Environnement, founder of MARINE TECH, co-inventor of various patents used by the company.

pierre becker - Vice President

72, geologist, starts it's career at COMEX,  founder of Geocean, Nymphea Environnement and today MARINE TECH.

Magali Mouries - Commercial Manager

40, oceanographer by training, 12 years of experience in the marine environment and marine pollution, founder of MARINE TECH.

Jean-luc Pierrisnard - Technical Manager

49, with a solid experience in the maritime R&D and operations, founder of MARINE TECH.

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